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History has a way of misaligning cultures in its pages.  There are many reasons for this: misunderstanding, neglect, and malice to name a few.  But as facilitators and players at the table, we have an opportunity to include our own perspectives and voices into the narrative we tell.  We have an opportunity to promote empathy and understanding of the fantastic cultures in our stories.

You play a scholar visiting a culture or location that you’ve read about.  However, you realize that your history books depict people and places with egregious errors.  As you spend time with the culture, you jot down notes to set the record straight so that the next adventurers passing through can approach the culture with better understanding and knowledge.

The Books Were Wrong is a game that assumes that history is written by imperfect people and attempts to recontextualize the entry in order to give power back to cultures commonly depicted as "evil".

CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
TagsFantasy, journaling, solo


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I will be using this.

Thank you for supporting the ttrpgs for trans rights bundle <3


Great concept/game!